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Instructions for starting games

PC game:
  • The game is started by double-clicking on "Start.exe"
  • If the game is copied to another disk or medium, all files within the "Master-PC igra" folder must be saved together at the same location
  • If the "PC igra" package is multiplied, all the files must be saved directly to the medium outside the folder
  • When multiplying the game on the media, it is advisable to add a special file with automatic start script
  • This folder contains a prepared "PC igra" package for online use
  • The first, starting page is games.html
  • "Invitation" page for the package after placing it on a web server is games.html
  • The package "PC igra" is prepared for online playing, but by double-clicking on games.html the game can be started on a computer as well, and it will be visible within one of Internet browsers
  • If "PC igra" is played in such way (offline), all functions may not be active and functional (depending on the settings of certain web browsers in offline mode)
  • All files and folders, within this folder, must always be together, no matter where they are migrated on a web server

Flash games for the youngest