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Turf grass

In order to respond to the increasing number of requests and inquiries by citizens and to keep up with new techniques in horticulture, in the 1990s the then Zrinjevac company, as another successor of the company for the maintenance of public city greenery in a row, initiated the production of turf grass.

The production was founded at the location Remetinecka cesta 15, on available areas that were neglected and unused until then.

We started on a surface area of 11,000 sqm, and today we have reached 25,000 sqm. The annual production is between 11,000 sqm and 15,000 sqm.

In our production we strive to use all current knowledge regarding machinery, irrigation, top-dressing, disease protection, pests and weed, and especially the use of appropriate grass mixtures for seeding, so we cooperate with renowned companies for the production of seed and topdressing.

We are trying to always have the best grass mixtures available at the moment, and everything necessary for the care of lawns.

The selection of seeds has advanced to the extent to enable us to have grass seeds with best characteristics, such as resistance to diseases, possibility of little mowing, resistance to lack of moisture in dry period of the year, unified width and colour of grass leaves.

The production cycle lasts 12 months, which is the time from seeding to the beginning of exploitation. The process of grass turf production itself is very intense and includes many activities such as embedding of fertile substrate, fine planning of surface, grading, seeding, initial fertilization, irrigation, frequent mowing, collecting swath, aeration, top-dressing and protection through the entire vegetation.

Turf grass is primarily used for the needs of the city, but part of it is also intended for sales. The advantages of a lawn formed by laying turf grass with respect to a lawn based on seeding are multiple. The first of them is the velocity of getting a ready-made lawn, then the possibility of choosing suitable grass varieties in grass mixture, free of weed and disease, of even colour etc.

Turf grass is cut using a special machine into strips of approximately 1 sqm, which enables easy transport and installation on a previously prepared surface.
The story of turf grass does not end by laying it onto the ground, it continues with all measures of care same as for any other lawn.